À La Carte

What’s a foolproof way to not waste time and resources when launching a digital marketing campaign? By launching said campaign using the right tools and with the right team. In other words, by securing the following services with 1203 Agency.

Web Design & Development

Don’t know where to start building your own website? Leave the head-scratching to the experts. 1203 Agency has more than a decade of combined experience in designing and developing websites that are not only user-friendly and optimized but are also stylish.

Video & Animation

Stand out with an engaging & viral video or animation created by 1203 Agency. Our art department is made up of visionaries who can shoot and animate videos that beautifully showcase your story. Reach more audience with 1203 Agency video & animation services.

Content Marketing

Our team is all about quality and well thought out website content that convert. We are all about content that is well-researched and well-written. A 1203 Agency content marketing strategy involves branded, SEO-optimized, proofread, and all-around fantastic pieces.

Paid Marketing

How do you make sure that the right customers find your product or business? This is where a fine-tuned paid marketing campaign becomes quite handy. With 1203 Agency managing your PPC efforts, you are assured of data-driven conversions and increased revenue.

Graphic Design

Visual identity is an integral part of a successful marketing campaign, whether digital or traditional. At 1203 Agency, we deliver beautifully executed branding imagery that capture your story. Be it a logo, illustration, or beautiful photograph, we can bring your vision to life.

Search Engine Optimization

Search strategy is an integral part of any successful digital marketing campaign. At 1203 Agency, we offer an approach to SEO that is guaranteed to increase your website’s organic traffic, improve your domain authority, and boost your business’s overall online presence.

Social Media Marketing

Spread what your brand is all about with the use of engaging content on social media. Our approach at 1203 Agency is a mix of fostering relationships with customers, creating highly shareable and valuable content, and earning followers using targeted ads across platforms.

Virtual Staffing

1203 Agency is also fully equipped to handle various virtual staffing needs. We have more than just an awesome digital marketing team. We also have members capable of handling bookkeeping, human resources, customer service, and general administrative tasks.